Auto Glide™ Automatic Trim Tab System w/GPS & NMEA Network for Single Actuator

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Product Description

Advanced solid state electronics monitor your boat’s systems and are constantly working to increase performance and economy. The system can be used in new or retrofit installations. The tabs are automatically deployed before taking off to reduce bow rise and time to plane. Once the boat is on plane it is automatically leveled and held there. It’s that simple! Setup is simple and it can use some or all of the data from other devices such as GPS speed, engine RPM, fuel consumption, etc. to constantly maintain optimal running angles every time. Two preset manual positions can be stored for such things as rough water or different speeds. A special “hold” feature maintains the boat’s planing position until it’s powered off. Manual override is also simple; just tap the up or down buttons. All this is controlled from a single 6″ x 6″ x 2″ fully submersible box that contains three gyros and three accelerometers with waterproof connections and components. Plug and play illuminating key pad control with deutsch connection. Interfaces with NMEA 2000 devices to show position information on other devices or to get information from them.
The Auto Glide system requires an NMEA 2000 GPS.
15504101 & 15505101: Do not include GPS antenna
15500101 & 15501101: Include GPS antenna and NMEA 2000 network

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