Bradford White 50 Gallon Power Vent Water Heater


Bradford White’s ICON System™ is much more
than a gas valve. It’s a revolutionary advance in
water heating control technology available only to
the professional installer and wholesaler.
ICON System™ Gas Control
• Advanced control system for
accurate water temperatures
• Exclusive Software for
enhanced operational
• Intelligent Diagnostics to assist
in troubleshooting
• Exclusive “GREEN LED”Indicator
• Pilot-On Indication
• Millivolt Powered Control
requires no external electricity
• Separate Immersed Thermowell
isolates temperature sensor
from surrounding water
• Integrated Piezo Igniter

Our Power Vent (TTW®) models are power vented for positive exhaust. They offer greater installation flexibility with the ability to vent through a wall or roof, with either 2″ or 3” PVC, ABS or CPVC pipe. They offer an increased amount of hot water available at a usable temperature in less time than normal.
BRG1PV50S6N has a 6 Year tank warranty

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