Firearm Transfer Process

Grosse Ile Hardware Firearm Transfer Procedures

All Firearm transfers to Grosse Ile Hardware must be done via e-mail, no exceptions.

1. Buyer forwards firearm purchase information consisting of seller's e-mail address and copy of purchase receipt to
2. Ray will forward copy of ffl & purchase information to seller via email address that buyer will provide.
3. Upon receipt of firearm buyer will be notified by phone or email that firearm is ready to be picked up.
4. All tracking of the firearm shipment is the responsibility of the buyer.
5. Buyer must pass FBI background check before receiving firearm.
6. Most used Firearms purchased over the internet DO NOT include trigger locks, a State of Michigan requirement. Please bring a trigger lock
when you come to pick up your firearm or you will be sold one before you can take possession of firearm.
7. A Transfer Fee of $40 is charged on each transaction. Multiple gun receipt is charged $40 if done at same time.
8. Non-Compliance to this procedure will increase transfer fee to $60.


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