Master Drive™ Packaged Power Steering System – Outboard, 40cc w/Tilt

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Product Description

Just like in your car, the MasterDrive 12 volt power assist steering system delivers effortless steering with fingertip control regardless of speed or torque conditions. It completely eliminates torque at the steering wheel, while providing the safety of functional manual hydraulic steering in the event of a loss of power. Patented features include 3 selectable levels of power to give the desired feeling at the wheel. The ignition protected, high-efficiency, low amp draw motor automatically reverts to manual mode in case of power loss and is equipped with an on/off safety switch. Fully compatible with autopilot and dual station steering installations.
Includes: helm, power unit with 15′ wiring harness and user interface.
Note: tie bars (A90 or A94) for dual engine installations, oil, Kit-OBSVSxx hydraulic hoses (helm to cylinder), Kit-OBMDxx (helm to power unit) & Kit-OB-DBR-SVSxx hose kit (for dual cylinder installations) must be ordered separately.

Additional Information

Weight 55 lbs